Mellon Faculty representing three very diverse institutions also teach across the disciplines.By  designing syllabi to help students research the forms and impact of modern day slavery; students create literature, art works, and plays to help raise awareness. They also  present research at conferences and other institutions. Thus leading the conversation on ways to effect positive change  in human rights.

Dr. Elsaudi Mohamed
Tougaloo College- Social Sciences

Dr. Loye Ashton
Tougaloo College- International Studies

Dr. Roshunda Harris-Allen
Tougaloo College- Child Development

Dr. Kamal Abdelrahman
Tougaloo College- Sociology & Economics

Prof. Johnnie Maberry
Tougaloo College- Art, Co-Director MDS

Dr. Levar Smith
Morehouse College


Dr. Arthur McLin
Tougaloo College- Education

Dr. Brenda Wilder
Tougaloo College- Music

Dr. Santanu Banerjee
Tougaloo College- Physics

Prof. Brandon Burditt

Dr. Steve Rozman
Tougaloo College- Social Science, Co-Director MDS

Prof. Cosmo Whyte
Morehouse College



Prof. Melvin Foster
Morehouse College

Dr. Francine Allen
Morehouse College

Prof. Valerie Johnson
Bennett College

Prof. Gwendolyn Bookman
Bennett College

Prof. LaToya Brooks
Bennett College

Prof. Steven Willis
Bennett College



Historians Against Slavery

We are a community of scholar-activists who contribute research and historical context to today’s antislavery movements in order to inspire and inform activism and to develop collaborations that empower such efforts. 

Jason Allen
Michael Todd Landis
Talitha LeFlouria
Matthew Mason
Randall Miller
Laura Murphy
Stacey Robertson
Stephen Rozman
James Brewer Stewar
Elizabeth Swanson Goldber
Zoe Trodd
Robert Wright


Nicole H. Scalessa, Director of Communications,



Stacey Robertson
Matthew Mason